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Real Calc vs Emulator - My Experience
11-29-2021, 04:33 PM
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RE: Real Calc vs Emulator - My Experience
(11-27-2021 06:28 PM)Peet Wrote:  Unfortunately, no actual pocket calculator meets the haptic and qualitative requirements that I place on a high-quality watch, for example. Modern calculators are Swatch or Casio instead of Omega or Rolex. The 35S, 12C Platinum or Prime are OK, but don't feel as high-quality as an HP-41 or HP-11C from 1982.
TI sometimes makes pleasant surprises in this capacity. For example, the ti-84+ in the K-0310Q series has an ideal keyboard and a very accurate quartz oscillator - the accuracy of the built-in clock is no worse than +-1sec per week in the temperature range of 10...30 °C.
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