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HP-48SX (attempted) repair by Ben Heck
09-18-2021, 03:38 PM
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RE: HP-48SX (attempted) repair by Ben Heck
(09-17-2021 09:38 PM)Geoff Quickfall Wrote:  The big thing is while heating to remove the overlay. Do not bend back while pulling more then 30 degrees to avoid creasing the overlay.

Remove the glue, I used industrial lemon oil label remover or something commercial like goo-gone.

Remove it from both the calc and the overlay.

Place the overlay now clean between two sheets of clear vinyl. Something similar in thickness to an ID vinyl holder.

On a perfectly flat surface with the overlay sandwiched as described rub the overlay/vinyl with a large smooth bowled spoon. Initially rub the top surface (silk screened) of the overlay/vinyl then flip over and repeat on the reverse side of the overlay/vinyl sandwich. This will induced a slight convex shape to the overlay allowing the corners to lay first and causing a flat attachment throughout.

I use double sided epoxy tape (same as used on iPhone gorilla glass to case attachment.

Cheers, Geoff

This also works on the metal labels found on the classics and the HP 67 Woodstock. These can be removed with the heat gun / hair dryer, de-glued and flattened in the same method.
what a technique, Geoff Smile
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