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Undocummented (?) limits for the HP50g
08-03-2021, 12:17 PM
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RE: Undocummented (?) limits for the HP50g
(08-02-2021 02:15 PM)ttw Wrote:  Going through strings is useful, I like it. The only problems seem to be with the relational operators and sorting (same problem probably.) The only real trouble is converting binary integers bigger than 2^38l. I do it in binary by separating the high and low-order bits and combining them later.

There can be some problems with the FLOOR and other functions. I found an ordering that doesn't cause CAS to convert internally. I have a really big fraction nnnnnn/dddddd which I wish to multiply by a big number and take the quotient. I split the formula into Top*Number then result/Bottom then FLOOR. IQUOT and IREMAINDER fail (I think).

I have another suggestion for you: use newRPL and you'll have NONE of those issues.
Sorry if it sounds like a cheap advertising, but it's actually true. All these issues and quirks of the conversion of different types were resolved in newRPL internally, the user doesn't need to deal with these issues, just focus on your algorithm and everything should work as expected.
Integers up to 64 bit convert to binary just fine, no need to do any workarounds. FLOOR, IQUOT, etc. they all work just fine with numbers up to 2000 digits, real or integer doesn't matter., I see a post by John Keith explaining how SORT will fail, not going to happen in newRPL.
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