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Python: Mandelbrot explorer 0.9 now save and resume update Jan 23 /2022
01-06-2022, 06:16 PM
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RE: Python: Mandelbrot explorer now interactive update 15.08.2021
Hello Guenter:

Happy New Year!!!

Nice work. I've long played with Mandelbrot code - from the days of having an Atari 800 or a DOS PC run all night!!!, and this app is great.

I am stumbling a bit with using the Prime (I've been distracted by other machines and life!!!). The whole connectivity kit, App structure and Python still require some exercise on my part!!!

It would be interesting to compare the Python performance with 'native' HPPPL performance.


(08-15-2021 07:25 PM)Guenter Schink Wrote:  
(08-15-2021 06:44 PM)jte Wrote:  One interesting thing I noticed is that, when doing more complex plots, I have to intentionally hold down my finger until the display stops updating (and then release it) in order to get a zoom. From looking at the Python source, I'm thinking this is due to checking for touch events once per line (and that quick taps may entirely happen in the middle of rendering one row). This may well be an acceptable efficiency trade-off (to checking more often; I didn't try changing the code). The presence of "ClearMouseBuffer()" made me think perhaps it would take a couple of rows for just-the-right mouse event to show up, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
Yes, you're right. At first I used this program on a G2, where this problem only occasionally pops up. But on the G1 it's more discernible. Checking for touch or key at each pixel has a significant cost in time. Therefore I believe its a matter of getting accustomed to the need of a more determined Smile touch. But it should suffice to let the finger for about a second (say "twenty one") on the screen, worked for me on the G1. It usually also works this way with the keys.

edit: Just tested the G1 to have the touch and key checked at each round of "x" in the first and second pass only. That has a lesser draw back in time. The initial screen only needs 4 seconds more, ~33.5 instead of ~29.5, well that could be acceptable. And is immediately more responsive. If you wish to give it a try, simply adjust the respective indentations. /edit

Unfortunately the G1 is much slower, ~3-times, than the G2. But the Virtual Prime is an alternative for excessive explorations.

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