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OmniBook 430 restore disks?
06-19-2021, 10:22 PM
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RE: OmniBook 430 restore disks?
(05-30-2021 04:46 AM)LincolnR Wrote:  Does anyone know where I might be able to find restore media for an OmniBook 430? The ROM card only has an extremely minimal DOS install and a few drivers, and the original PCMCIA hard disk is dead. I found a 425 ROM card image but that isn't really useful here. Windows 3.1 and such aren't that hard to find but I'd like to have the OmniBook-specific stuff too.
Several years ago, there was an internet archive containing interesting files of all OB from the 300 to the 800CT, incl. setup files and ROM card contents (300,425).
Fortunately, parts of the archive somehow found their way into my archives;-)

Unfortunately, for the 430, I only have the contents of the "Begleiter" diskette, which contains a setup for LapLink Remote Access (LLRA).

So hopefully another collector made a suitable backup.
Alternatively you could try to find that archive website.
I don't know where I downloaded the stuff back then anymore.

-- Ray
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