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Crash and Reboot in Geometry App
05-06-2021, 12:06 PM
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RE: Crash and Reboot in Geometry App
(05-06-2021 07:48 AM)Bastian Wrote:  Software Version: 2.1.14433 (2020 01 21)
Hardware Version: D


I' am a new user in this forum and this is my first question.
Can someone confirm crash and reboot in geometry app?

1. Go to geometry App
2. Draw a circle (Cmds -> 5Curve -> 1Circle)
3. Point on circle (Cmds -> 2Point -> 2Point On)
4. Try to draw a secend circle at this point (Cmds -> 5Curve -> 1Circle)

Many thanks in advance and best regards,



According to my information, you no longer have the latest firmware version.

This is: 2021-05-05 v 14588

Therefore I can't reproduce your problem. But what I can say is:

When I want to draw a circle (Cmds -> 5Curve <> 1Circle) it takes 1 second from point to point when navigating with the cursor on my Model G2. The other commands work immediately.

Kind regards
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