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New HP16C simulator: Test Drive
05-11-2021, 02:52 AM (This post was last modified: 05-11-2021 03:19 AM by billf.)
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RE: New HP16C simulator: Test Drive
(05-11-2021 01:24 AM)KF6GPE Wrote:  
(05-10-2021 05:47 PM)billf Wrote:  So... Know anyone with a paid Apple Developer account? It really is just a matter of downloading the Flutter environment, typing `flutter build ios --release`, following the instructions to set up the signing profile in XCode, then typing `flutter build ios --release` again and uploading.

I suspect that my publishing this for you with my account given my day job at Google as a Flutter TPM is probably a no-no.

But I've got an iPod touch (personally owned, not Google's) I can outright _give_ you for testing, and I'm willing to make a one-time contribution via PayPal for the developer fees for the first year to make it happen--- this is great work, and I'd like to see it on both stores.

PM me if you're interested and we'll work out details.

Thanks, but I'm pretty sure that I read in the Apple terms that they take down apps when individual developers stop paying the $100/year subscription fee. I guess they figure that nobody ever dies :-)

I wouldn't want to put an app out there, only to have Apple yank it away at some point in the future. And I plan to live another 30-40 years... Four grand is a mighty expensive calculator!

I'm hopeful I'll find someone who's in a position to publish it.
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