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Needing help powering up a Sanyo ICC-801D
07-09-2021, 10:47 AM
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RE: Needing help powering up a Sanyo ICC-801D
(07-04-2021 06:04 PM)AndiGer Wrote:  Any news? Could you power up the machine - and if please tell us what you did. Thank you

I just got my hands on an adjustable DC power supply two days ago but was very hesistant about opening the case because it mostlikely would have damaged the rubbers covering the screw holes. So I asked the user vintagecalculatorsinc on ebay if he knew the order of the 3 pins. Yesterday he sent me a message with the correct order. In regard to the picture of the pins in post #4 it is Neg, +6,6V, +7,3V.
When I first attached the clips from the DC power supply to the pins of the calculator and tried to power it up nothing happened.
Then I found out that there is some kind of tongue at the bottom of the connector which is pushed downwards when the jack is inserted.
As I used a wooden chopstick to push this tongue down while powering up the calculator it finally came back to life.
A big thanks to all contributors here - the mission is finally accomplished Smile

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