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HP9114A Replacement Battery Box HP88014B
04-28-2021, 01:11 PM
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RE: HP9114A Replacement Battery Box HP88014B
(04-28-2021 10:08 AM)pamphonica Wrote:  A question for the .stl experts here.

I designed the box with all the parts "in place" so I could make sure everything fitted correctly. Simple switches in the code allow each part (or everything) to be selected.

So when I do the .stl for a part, I still have to rotate it in the printer software to get it to sit in the correct position for printing. The front and rear panels sit vertically in the design, then have to be rotated and printed flat. the box sits horizontal and needs a vertical flip.

So, do I need to produce .stls with the piece in the correct printing orientation (I can do this with a few more lines of code) or are most 3D printers capable of doing this re-positioning?

I'm happy to share the OpenSCAD via email if anyone here wants it but I don't want to publish it (yet). I will probably put the final .stl files up on Thingiverse so anyone can access them.

BTW I have three spares of the panel-mount battery connectors I used (two are used, one new). $10 each including postage to USA or Europe, £6 to the UK. Paypal is fine, as long as I dont pay fees.

I'm pleased that this project has aroused some discussion.


The orientation of the .stl can be rotated in the software tool used to slice the .stl and generate the gcode file for the printer (also OpenSCAD can do this).

CC41 coming soon!
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