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NutStudio 3.2.1 available
10-18-2021, 05:00 PM
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RE: NutStudio 3.2.1 available
(10-11-2021 08:08 AM)floppy Wrote:  Perhaps is there a Workaround?

Using SandMath functions, example, not "RC* 01" but "XROMxx.yyyy 01" in NutStudio? (making NutStudio just putting the XROMxx.yyyy into the raw file without further checks).

Yes, that should work. It should accept XROM ii,jj and a numeric literal. You can perhaps also use the C preprocessor to make it look tidier.

It may be possible to add support for it, but in that case I would need some documentation on how to introspect a ROM image to decipher the tables. That, and preferably some standard on the bits in the ID to properly mark what secondary function table scheme used.
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