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An assortment of 71B questions
04-12-2021, 02:14 PM
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An assortment of 71B questions
I've been using my 71B for a few weeks now, and have a handful of questions that I haven't been able to stumble across answers to. In no particular order...

1. Most other pocket computers - e.g. Sharp and Casio - will redisplay the program line you've just entered upon pressing the enter key. This is nice for visually and mentally anchoring yourself, so you know what line number to use next, etc. The 71B just clears the display and shows the prompt. Is there a simple way to make it show the line that was just entered?

2. Are there any LEX files that broaden the capability of user-defined functions? Maybe expanding the allowed names or letting you call them from anywhere?

3. Sharp and Casio computers typically have separate "run" and "program" modes, where run mode can be used as a calculator or for running programs, and entering programs requires switching to program mode. This prevents you from accidentally deleting/modifying a program line if you enter a calculation that somehow gets misinterpreted as a program line (the simple example would be just typing a number and pressing END LINE). Is it possible to make the 71B treat everything as an immediate execution statement to prevent unwanted program line entry? I know there's the CALC mode, but you can't run programs from here.

4. Does anything particularly bad happen if multiple LEX files with the same keyword are loaded? For example, KEYWAIT.LEX and the Finance ROM both provide the KEYWAIT$ function.

More to come later as I'm reminded of them. Smile
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