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[proposal] for RPN modifications
06-18-2014, 05:43 AM (This post was last modified: 06-18-2014 05:44 AM by Angus.)
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[proposal] for RPN modifications
I've had a lot of numerical calculations to do the last two days and would now like to sum up what might be changes resulting in a better rpn mode. Maybe others like to join the discussion to help improving that part. Maybe HP is happy about customer inspiration maybe they are blind about such things or consider these things as minor. I think especially the (pretended) minor details can make the difference from a half hearted product.

-I found myself trying to swap x<->y or cmdline<->x numerous times with K_Right. I don't know if others share this kind of ergonomics but during home/rpn that is what I expected that key to do.

-You could, of course, try to do a user K_Right. Ignored if not in home/rpn which does swapping. However that would require a method for passing user key returned strings to the parser and having commands for stack manipulation at all! In addition K_Right seems to ignore any user key assignment.

-Thinking about user keys: Initiating a parsing of the key answer is essential for an rpn feel. That is argument, key, calculation done.

-If hp also sees the benefits of user configurable softkeys: you could, of course, implement swap there. That what not solve the above things, however.
If softkeys might come (please not only build in functions), having different sets for cas, home/rpn and home/non_rpn would save us many lines of codes and checking for the calculator mode.
Allowing modifiers like SHIFT with a softkey would give us a beautiful(!) tool to implement something like a 1-keypress register (2 for sto i.e. shift+registersoftkey). However I would expect that such a register does NOT require to have return pressed to confirm. ;-)

There are, of course, other things I would like to mention, but I think that is enough.

Thank you for reading, maybe HP did, too.
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