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Persistent custom menu for DM42
03-20-2021, 01:52 PM (This post was last modified: 04-07-2021 10:47 PM by ljubo.)
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Persistent custom menu for DM42

I have slightly changed Free42 code to make the custom menu the system base menu. For DM42 that behavior makes sense as DM42 has dedicated custom keys - for me this change greatly increases usability of the DM42.

The new behavior:
  • Custom menu is the base menu - custom commands are always directly accessible
  • Shift is temporary switching to the "upper" custom menu - those commands are just an additional click away
  • Shift-CUSTOM activates default DM42 F-Button functionality
  • In the Prgm mode Exit will exit custom menu - makes easy to access up and down arrows
  • Entering other menus will of course exit Custom menu

Attached is the zip file with the source code patch and precompiled new firmware.

As usual, use it at your own risk, see LICENSE and COPYING files Big Grin

@Thomas - would be great to know if there is a more elegant way to get the same behavior. Actually, in my opinion, Free42 itself would benefit from dedicated custom menu keys (I know it can be "skinned", but I mean as the default).

Update 1: Fixed "SHOW" bug - new zip file attached.
Update 2: Fixed an issue with briefly displaying garbage text when pressing EXIT. New zip file attached.
Update 3: Switched to the new DM42 version 3.18 beta 1 (free42 v3.0.1 + bug fix in complexpool logic)
Update 4: For latest version please visit

Note: Firmwares below are neither provided by nor supported by SwissMicros!


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