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Problem with BankSwitching on V41 R9E
03-24-2021, 02:24 PM
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RE: Problem with BankSwitching on V41 R9E
(03-24-2021 08:07 AM)MeindertKuipers Wrote:  Interesting thread. I have checked the behavior of MLDL2000, and it will reset to Bank #1 on whenever the PWO line goes low, and this is also in light-sleep mode. There is no way to distinguish between various RAM types. Maybe try ZEPROM in the MLDL2000, did anyone ever try this?

Yes I tried it - using my modules on the ML2K is totally compatible, so it works just grand.

The ZEPROMS are just eproms, so the code in them is the same as in any other H/W platform. Simulating their BS behavior is therefore not possible unless there's a dedicated switch or option that tells the host (ML2k, V41, CL, Clonix) that the "standard" fail-safe should not be applied.

To my knowledge they are the only hardware capable of running User Code in auxiliary banks; in fact they provide a nice set of Mcode functions to make that possible/
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