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Free42: Unlimited-length strings and other type extensions
02-02-2021, 09:05 AM
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RE: Free42: Unlimited-length strings and other type extensions
(02-01-2021 09:50 PM)Thomas Okken Wrote:  That's a possibility... or the regular Free42 could have a setting in the preferences to select "classic" mode, which simply makes all the extra options disappear from the CATALOG, MODES, and PRINT menus, and maybe also prevents those functions from executing, for people using Free42 mainly for running legacy HP-42S programs and who are nervous about compatibility.

Hiding the extra features from the menus would be a nice solution. A "Classic" mode, a bit like the "Authentic speed" setting in Christoph's emulators. So the old-time users (e.g. me) will not be lost with the new commands/settings.
No need to prevent them to run, if the user deliberately or by chance loads a raw file with such extension.
But please don't remove the now "classic" extensions like the time functions and extra HP-41 X-functions. Don't be so purist :-)

(01-31-2021 08:56 PM)Thomas Okken Wrote:  Even most purists enjoy some enhancements. Where to draw the line?

Sure there is no unique point of view regarding enhancements. Valentin recently proposed a whole set of Free42 enhancements in a different direction.
Again my personal point of view, from my own experience of HP calculators/computers: I welcome enhancements that have some roots or connections with the HP calculators of about the same era. This is what drove me in developing the enhanced HP-71 Math Pac 2.
It should not stop you from developing more progressive extensions :-)

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