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Can't link to my own images any more
01-05-2021, 10:50 AM (This post was last modified: 01-05-2021 10:51 AM by grsbanks.)
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RE: Can't link to my own images any more
(01-05-2021 12:06 AM)trojdor Wrote:  Chrome has gotten very nervous if all the page content doesn't come from the same HTTPS URL .... thus the 'insecure' rating.

Not necessarily from the same url but certainly served over HTTPS protocol.

While nothing on your server may need SSL, Joe, it's a good idea to implement it anyway. This particular action of Chrome has been patially implemented for a long time. Maybe not extended to images until now but certainly javascript loaded from an http link on an https page has set off alarm bells for a long time. Also, non-ssl websockets.

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