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Casio FC-200 Financial Consultant
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RE: Casio FC-200 Financial Consultant
Program P8 on previous post can be use as the [Tax -] or Tax Exclusive

[Tax -] is when price is already included tax or VAT and this function is to find

the price not include tax or VAT.

For Example:

This product you pay already included tax is 550 The Tax Rate is 20%
What is the price not include tax?

20 [MAR] [Prog] 8 [EXE] display 16.67 // set up the Tax Rate

550 [SEL] [COMP] [CST] [EXE] display 458.33 // Answer Price without Tax or VAT

To find the Tax Amount:

[RCL] [SEL] - [RCL] [CST] [EXE] display 91.67


You go to other place and got another product for 80
What is the price without tax or VAT?

While the Tax Rate data still in the memory go ahead and continue

80 [SEL] [COMP] [CST] 66.67

To find Tax Amount: [RCL] [SEL] [-] [RCL] [CST] [EXE] display 13.33


This Pricing Calculation program can adapted to use for [Tax-] and [Tax+]
The "Tax Rate" have to convert and store to [MAR] by the use of the P8 program.
Use [CST] for [Tax-]
USE [SEL] for [Tax+]


To find Price with Tax: Price [CST] [COMP] [SEL] [EXE]

To find Price without Tax: Price [SEL] [COMP] [CST] [EXE]

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