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HP-41CX Port 1 and 3 temporarily malfunction
11-24-2020, 07:56 PM
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RE: HP-41CX Port 1 and 3 temporarily malfunction
Thanks for your inputs! I don't think that the malfunction comes from a hardware issue like broken post or bad module contacts though because the failure happened to occure with every module I tested and all the modules work after the batterie removal and reinstalling procedure just fine. However the explanation
(11-24-2020 04:00 PM)Allen Wrote:  The description of removing and reinstalling the batteries to fix the issue could have slightly moved the battery contacts, and seems to fit the hypothesis that perhaps the posts/case halves may be slight loose.
sounds quite reasonable.
(11-24-2020 04:00 PM)Allen Wrote:  Have you tried GENTLY wiggling the case halves near the module ports with no modules or port covers installed? Be careful with testing this.
No I did not because everything is working fine (at least for now) and I do not want to go the risk a broken post by this Wink
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