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Cantilever Deflection (I need help) - HP50
11-23-2020, 03:02 PM
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RE: Cantilever Deflection (I need help) - HP50
That's funny. I converted your example to Imperial so I could follow it!

These formulas assume fully elastic behavior, meaning they will calculate results (deflection, slope, moment, etc) as though the beam is unbreakable.

I was interested enough to look for the 50g AUR. I see just below the nomenclature for Columns and Beams they note the calculations vary depending on where x is compared to the loads. However in the cantilever deflection formula a couple of pages later only shows one formula. It is correct for the sketch (x less than a and c). The Equation Library must be very clever to fix this on the fly as x varies!

Have fun.
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