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wp34s: the strict rpn sorta bugs me
12-18-2013, 09:32 PM
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wp34s: the strict rpn sorta bugs me
RPN and RPL are used pretty strictly on this forum - makes me realize I don't know what they mean - so I'm going to avoid those terms.

I'm sure this has been discussed but I can't find it.

I find the HP48, HP50 style input to be more natural than what appears to be the strict old-skool input that's honored by the wp34s. Wondering why wp34s couldn't have a mode to adopt the later input style. It seems like a very graceful superset of the older behavior.

Example (stuff typed into device is in quotes):

On hp48 I can type:
and result is 3 because the second <enter> just copies the edit register to x and no copy is implied. The "+" adds x and y. Only if edit register is empty does enter copy x to y.

On hp48 I can also type:
And result is still 3 because the "+" flushes edit register to x before operating.

On wp34s, if I think I'll be entering another number, then change my mind after hitting <enter> then I need to <r-down> the copy away. I'm finding it tough to break the habit of hitting enter after each entry.

Also, what is wrong with having <- cause the stack to be popped?

Doesn't seem like much of a stretch for the same behavior to be weaseled onto the wp34s but maybe I'm missing something.

Why does the wp34s stick with this old behavior?

How do you folks feel about the difference?
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