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HP41 USER mode - HP42 CUSTOM menu - Free42
11-09-2020, 01:38 PM (This post was last modified: 11-09-2020 01:53 PM by firai.)
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RE: HP41 USER mode - HP42 CUSTOM menu - Free42
(11-09-2020 01:02 PM)SammysHP Wrote:  In the layout you can define which function will be executed when the button is pressed. Not sure if it is possible to address the custom menu entries. But you can assign any function to a "physical" key.

You technically could activate the custom keys using shifted menu keys by changing the key layout to:
Key: 1,41 <rect> <rect> <pt>
Key: 2,42 <rect> <rect> <pt>
and then defining the macros:
Macro: 41 28 30 1
Macro: 42 28 30 2

But honestly the custom menu was two keys away anyway. And you would lose access to any functions requiring shifted menu keys this way, such as lower case alphas (not sure if there are others). I suppose if you really wanted, you could add yet another extra row of keys in the skin just for the customs, and then you could access 2 levels of menus with this row between shifted and unshifted keys.

By the way, the physical DM42 uses the default menu actions (when menus aren't active) to access help, font size/type and volume functions, so even if Free42 implemented the change to the menu buttons as JSBach is suggesting, this change probably wouldn't be available on the DM42.
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