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Determination of Earth Satellite Orbits
10-26-2020, 11:20 AM
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Determination of Earth Satellite Orbits
"                                              ABSTRACT
     The formulas used in a computer program to fit earth satellite orbits to data are
documented. The areas covered are (1) iterative method of determining maximum
likelihood parameter estimates; (2) units and coordinate systems; (3) motion of the
earth about its center of mass; (4) equations for earth satellite motion and partial
derivatives of this motion with respect to parameters; (5) theoretical values and partial
derivatives of theoretical values of ground based (radar or radio transponder, look
angles, long baseline interferometer) and satellite based (radar, look angles)
observables; and (6) numerical techniques such as numerical integration, polynomial
interpolation and matrix inversion. Observations of the sun, moon, planets and stars
are also discussed. "

TN-1972-5, M.E. Ash (M.I.T.), Lincoln Laboratory, 19 April 1972

emphasis mine

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