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What has the DM41 extra over the HP42s?
11-10-2020, 09:24 PM
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RE: What has the DM41 extra over the HP42s?
Quote:But the DM42 does have the alpha keyboard. Shift + up or shift + down to cycle through the options and once it's set, you don't have to do the menu option. So wouldn't the keystrokes be greatly reduced? By my count, reduced by about 90 keystrokes which puts the DM42 at 556...which is less than the 568 on the DM41X?

You are right, there are possibilities for adjusting the keyboard of the DM42. But the thread was about the HP42S and as far as I know this is not possible there. And of course you can put commands to every key of the DM41X which would safe a lot of typing as well. So I thought a fair comparison is using the calculators as they are without any adjustments.

Quote: By the way, I don't think this is a great measure. I only have to input a program once and can do it off the calculator so I'm not worried about one-time keystrokes. I'm more concerned with day to day use.
Well, I agree it is not so relevant when you type in a ready program you get from another source. But when programming and trying different ways to come to a solution I think it is relevant. As well when testing a program using SST you have just one key stroke at the DM 41X and two at the DM42. In toral I find the keyboard of the DM41X more user friendly.
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