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Advanced Graphing "Go To"
06-09-2014, 02:26 PM
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RE: Advanced Graphing "Go To"
(06-09-2014 02:12 PM)Tim Wessman Wrote:  Hello,

Remember that the adv grapher can graph stuff not normally possible on any other graphing calculator. As part of this, you can position the cursor in any X or Y location as regions/edges etc are all valid. Where the confusion is probably coming in is that the cursor will automatically reposition itself onto the curve (or edge, or region) *closest* to the location entered since by default TRACE is turned on. So for example, if you are graphing Y=SIN(X) (radians) and type 5 for X and 10 for Y, you actually will end up around 7.5X and .96 Y.

If you are graphing a plain function, they normal function app is probably a better choice as it is tuned for that purpose. In there, just begin typing a number and you get a single box for a single X location. That is more exactly what you seem to be looking for.

Hi Tim,

Thanks for your answer. So just to be clear, the "go to" in he advanced graphing puts the cursor as near as possible to the coordinates typed in. Just two questions:

1) out of interest, how does the calculator decide where is the nearest point (Pythagoras?)?

2) Is it possible in any of the graphing apps to type in the y-coordinate / value of the function and be given the x value in return?

Many thanks Tim and anyone else who wants to chip in.
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