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HP 42S Version Speed Variation
06-09-2014, 12:33 PM
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RE: HP 42S Version Speed Variation
To post #5:

I don't believe my original post is a continuation of previous posts - if you could supply a reference to a post comparing the relative speeds of different serial number HP 42Ss, particularly concerning large differences in performance, that would be helpful.

To post 7:

Batteries in both calculators about one month old, free memory in both is about 2 kb.

The actual calculation is merely an example of the large difference in time taken to perform longer calculations.

I could list all of the programmes entered in the two calculators but feel that would not really further my aims.

To remove any doubt about the substance of my post:

The aim is to discover whether such speed variations are common between different HP 42S versions.

I might add that in the self test both calculators gave speed as 1.048 kHz.
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