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HP 42S Version Speed Variation
06-09-2014, 12:26 PM
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RE: HP 42S Version Speed Variation
(06-09-2014 09:25 AM)Gerald H Wrote:  For the same arithmetic calculation, using the same algorithms,

serial nr 2914S30950, version A, took 280s, whereas

serial nr 3144S06635, version C, took 200s.

Is such a variation between versions expected/common?

Incidentally, the much maligned HP 35S took 140s.

Hi Gerald,

Upon my first reading of your post, I was inclined to see it as a straight question on whether there were speed differences between different versions of the HP-42S. I did not read it as a continuation of an earlier post.

I know that one of the versions can be put into "fast" mode, but that would be oblivious that there is a speed difference.

I've never entered the same program into two versions of the 42s and then timed them.

Could you please post the program listing that you used to do your test so that others may test to see if there is a difference or if the difference is due to low batteries (I'm not sure if low batteries cause an effect on program execution speed) or caused by some other reason.

Question: You did enter exactly the same program in each version of the 42s before making your test? If they are not exactly the same, then the difference in the code may be affecting your timing.

Both of my 42s are version C. I could test the code on these machines to see if they compare to what you found. Maybe someone else who has a version A could also test and see if they get the longer time.

Of course, this is all academic, without knowing the program code. So please post the code you used.

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