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SwissMicros Announces DM41X Launch
10-20-2020, 07:12 PM
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RE: SwissMicros Announces DM41X Launch
I received my DM41X last week - S/N 00431. Took about 2 weeks to arrive (California/LA) - thank you SwissMicros! I've had a DM42 for a while, S/N 331. Also the credit-card SwissMicros 15c clone.

I "had to have" the DM42 when it came out, as it represented one of the Golden Age calcs on a modern platform, with enhancements. I've never been a 42s fan (sorry!), mostly due to the terrible screens on that model (I have old eyes). But I like the DM42 a lot, and it's in my regular calc rotation. The screen is fabulous, the package sleek. I did the famous "Logan keyboard fix" and this improved the feel and function of the keyboard to where I have no complaints (at least none that stop me using it).

My first HP was a 25, my second a 41C - these calcs "set the standard" for me! So when the DM41X came out I was excited to grab one. Following are my early experiences with this beauty:

Everything great about the DM42 is here - display, form-factor, looks, battery life etc. Built very well, I think they will last a long, long time, and are largely repairable. Great start.

The keyboard is different to my DM42, in subtle, and visible ways. The key tops are more angled/slanted than my DM42, and the keytop legends are bigger, bolder and clearer (good!).

The DM41X keys have a slightly louder "click", not clear to me how much this is just new DM41X vs used DM42 ? Usability of the keyboard is every bit as good as the "Loganized DM42", but I don't think it's dramatically different? Very usable. It's not like a original 41 (sigh) or a Classic or a Woodstock, but it's good.

My main complaint about both models (DM42 and DM41X) is that they both "rock" side to side when used on a flat surface. The back (metal) covers are curved, enough so the nice plastic feet aren't in the same plane, and the "belly" of the back cover contacts the surface! I see posts about taking some of the bow out by removing the cover and using finger pressure, and I've done this to both units, but the rocking persists. I am going to try more, because this really is annoying when using the calcs on the desk.

All things considered, I'm loving the DM41X, it's great to have a "41" back on my desk (I have my original 41C but its power switch became unreliable a while back). I recommend the DM41X and the DM42 wholeheartedly, great machines and good value for money. Thanks again SM!
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