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(41C) Meter Wheel Values
06-17-2020, 12:04 PM
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(41C) Meter Wheel Values
An excerpt from An Algorithm for Determining the Appropriate Meter Wheel Values for Sampling of Standard Depths at Hydrographic Stations, International Council for the Exploration of the Sea, Hydrography Committee, C.M. 1987/C:14

" Abstract
       A calculator (or computer) algorithm has been developed for use at sea to provide automatic calculation and tabulation of meter wheel values and standard depths for "full" hydrographic stations; it was created to streamline procedures and eliminate errors during the refamiliarization period typically required in the hydro lab at the beginning of research surveys. The algorithm is presented in three forms: a working program for the HP41C and similar calculators; a general flowchart; and as an explicit set of instructions for effectively determining meter wheel values "by hand." To benefit from the working program, the user must be able (1) to push one button to start the program running, and (2) key in the sounding depth; a three-column table with methodological reminders is then printed. Both the machine-based algorithm and the worksheet suggested should prove helpful in improving the quality and quantity of data collected at hydrographic stations …

                  APPENDIX 1

     The program listings presented in Figures 5 to 8 provide a complete working program for the HP41C. The portions issuing printer commands (PRINTX2, HEAD, TAIL), the storage register terminology and the means of controlling branching and looping may be unique to the HP41C family and similar HP calculators; but the logical sequence should be easily translatable for any programmable calculator that uses RPN (reverse Polish notation), if subroutines are supported … "

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