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HP-41 oddity typing alpha letters
05-06-2020, 10:21 PM (This post was last modified: 05-06-2020 10:27 PM by Gene.)
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RE: HP-41 oddity typing alpha letters
No spell check rom. ;-)

Here are some other examples:

ABCDEF then G changes the F to an N. Continuing with HIJK does not change the N. The F is gone. Interestingly, FEDCBA then G changes the A to an I.

ABCDEG then H changes the G to an O (oh not zero). Continuing with IJKL does not change the O. The G is gone.

ABCDEQ then R changes the Q to a Y. But typing an S changes the Y back to a Q.

ABCDEU then V changes the U to a backward C (the close bracket). Pressing W changes it back to a U.

FGHIJK then L does not change the K.


QRSTUV then W changes the V to the UP ARROW. Further letters to not return the V.

CHLORV then C puts the UP ARROW. IF you type H or L or O or R instead of that C, you still get the UP ARROW.

DIMPSW then X replaces the W with the underscore character. Any character other than the W does the same thing.

YUQNFR then C replaces the R with Z.


XEQ ALPHA SIZE ALPHA then filling in the three blanks with 030 ... when the first 0 is pressed it shows as an 8 then when 3 is pressed is changes back to a zero.

XEQ ALPHA PRO ... trying to do a PROMPT ... as soon as the O is pressed the R turns into a Z.

In PRGM mode, pressing the XEQ key displays as XEY. Pressing shift CF displays as CF(_ _ the space between the CF and the _ _ is filled with ( . Pressing shift ENG displays as ENO _ . Pressing shift ISG displays as ISO _ . Pressing XEQ (which displays as XEY) then ALPHA DSE ALPHA results in DSM _ being shown.

Wild! :-)
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