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(42S) HP 42S/ DM42: Nelder Mead Optimization
05-02-2020, 10:03 PM
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RE: HP 42S/ DM42: Nelder Mead Optimization
Sure I could order some food in Germany, or maybe talk with someone in the street, but no and I regret I could not read such a book! And I did not find any translation. Anyway thanks for the advice, I could read some other books to improve my knowledge about optimization, it has not been in my current matters since 20 years (and I was working with experts, I was not one of them).

Anyway, playing with N-M-O is funny because 1) you have to find an interesting function z=f(x,y) that shows particularities, and 2) you have to search for initial values and to try several times, hoping, like always in numerical optimization, that you will not miss the minimum.

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