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Casio FX-201P, 202P & PRO fx-1: the trilogy
04-16-2020, 10:13 PM
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RE: Casio FX-201P, 202P & PRO fx-1: the trilogy
Prepare yours self,

Gunter and his son stopped by on the way to HHC a couple of years ago and it was a little neater then.

My wife rarely goes into this room although there are a lot of books. Now the books have all been read and the room is going to be gutted and redone. The shelving will be matching boxes all labelled with various projects, tools, and etc.

You will see two spectrum analyzer, two oscilloscopes, signal generator, capacitor tester, tube and transistor radios and of course a plethora of calculators.

[Image: ED6F0A52-7F8E-4F72-A10A-43988D703056_zpscm3cufbb.jpeg]

[Image: A897E4E9-D515-40D8-9DEF-5BCFE3FF5948_zpstwt2uqvz.jpeg]

[Image: 16D63B77-0EC6-4BA6-948C-D6216CCBB6C4_zpshqp839wa.jpeg]

[Image: BE5EB682-47F8-4B35-82E5-5D1995672A3D_zpsy7pgwgdk.jpeg]

[Image: 1A3EBB4A-E18A-411D-BFC1-D52427AC7510_zpsh1icnxod.jpeg]

[Image: ED0837E1-94A6-41F6-A159-CE371CE25477_zps3zcuwnw8.jpeg]
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