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How do I get a 41 overlay working?
04-10-2020, 05:05 PM
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RE: How do I get a 41 overlay working?
(04-10-2020 04:13 PM)Orome Wrote:  How do I get a module overlay to work so that the indicated operations from the corresponding installed module are preformed when I press a key?

For example I have SANDMATH-IV in Port 1 on a 41CX (emulator) and I want the corresponding overlay to invoke SANDMATH-IV operations. How do I get that to happen? I understand that I can type in function names manually (and that I can identify what's in loaded modules using [CATALOG]), but I don't understand how to get the overlay working.

How do I do that for SANDMATH-IV? Is there a particularly way to do it generally, or is that different for each module?

There is no 'standard' process, each ROM uses a different approach, typically running one of the programs in the modules which then configures the key assignments.

You definitely should get the manual for this ROM, available here.

On p. 10, there is a short intro, as follows:

Quote:As any good “theme” module worth its name, the SandMath has its own mass-Key assignment routine (MKEYS). Use it to assign the most common functions within the ROM to their dedicated keys for a convenient mapping to explore the functions. Besides that, a distinct feature of this module is the function launchers, used to access diverse functions grouped by categories. These include the Hyperbolic, the Fractions, the RCL Math, and the Special Function groups. This saves memory registers for key assignments, whilst maintaining the standard keyboard available also in USER mode for other purposes.

But definitely read the manual, there is more to understand about Angel's excellent launchers.

--Bob Prosperi
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