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Do you use PSE?
03-11-2020, 08:36 PM
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RE: Do you use PSE?
(03-10-2020 06:47 AM)hth Wrote:  What do you think about the PSE function on the HP-41?

I can think of three ways of using it.

1. As a pause, to stop for a while (showing something) and continue
2. As a means of optional input, like press a key in a game
3. As a way of doing input, type a number or some alpha input (in alpha mode)

(1) could to be done with a DELAY function that does not allow input (or a delay loop), coupled with VIEW or AVIEW.
(2) is better done with something like GETKEY
(3) the few times I tried it has made me frustrated, sometimes I hesitate and then it is too late (it decides for me when I am done)

What do you think, is the ability to enter a number or a string during PSE really useful? How do you use it?
I've used it for stopwatch programs and descent velocities in lunar lander programs after I ran out of fuel.

Tom L
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