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Do you use PSE?
03-11-2020, 08:24 PM
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RE: Do you use PSE?
(03-10-2020 10:49 PM)Sylvain Cote Wrote:  1. you can use a TONE before PSE to warn user about the PSE coming in.
2. yes and no, you just need to press R/S, then you have plenty of time to do the input in X or ALPHA then press R/S again then use flag 22 or 23 to check if there was data input done
3. combine 1 & 2

Edit: The pinball game of the Games Pac is based around the PSE wait/input functionality. Smile

I know the pinball game uses PSE, do not remind me. I wore out my "1" key the first year due to that game, LOL.

If you need to press R/S to do the input, then there is no need to support the ability of entering a number during a PSE.

In some way PSE feels like a multi-way tool, a compromise that has some uses, but it falls short in many cases. Especially the ability to do input during the pause is somewhat hard to use in reality.

I understand that it is convenient to pause and show X (or ALPHA) for a while during execution. You can show something else with VIEW and a beep can alert that something new is to be shown. If during that time you press R/S, then you can enter a number without being interrupted. The automatic feature of doing input is somewhat unusable in reality.

What I am doing is an OS extension module which may alter the way X is shown. The built in PSE does not work anymore and implementing a new PSE that works is not all that simple on top of everything. Perhaps it is possible, but the cost in terms of code and complexity may outweigh the benefits of copying an old design that may not be what you want anyway. What I am thinking is that a PSE without the ability to do input (but still allow R/S, ON, and pressing another key could end it prematurely) would be almost as useful. That coupled with some better single key input, some menu dispatcher and you have the bases covered. (You still have the old PSE, which works in normal mode.)

What do you think?
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