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(TI-59) Pharmacokinetic Analysis & Calculations
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(TI-59) Pharmacokinetic Analysis & Calculations
An excerpt from Pharmacokinetic Analysis and Calculations Using a Program for the Minicalculator TI-59, F. Nielsen-Kudsk, Institute of Pharmacology, University of Aarhus (1980).

The described pharmacokinetic program for TI-59 is in clinical practice applicable in analyses of plasma concentration profiles established after singledose, intravenous or oral administration of drugs showing one- or two-compartment first-order pharmacokinetics. Analysis of multiple dose, steady state plasma concentration data may also be carried out. Predictions of mean steady state plasma concentrations related to multiple dose drug administration are obtainable on the basis of a preceding single-dose pharmacokinetic analysis. The program contains routines for: exponential regression analysis, determination of and treatment of residuals, simulation of plasma concentration curves, corrections for time-defined intravenous infusion substituting for bolus injection, determination of and correction for lag-time and routines for calculation of fitted and derived pharmacokinetic parameters. Naproxen and theophylline plasma concentration data were used to demonstrate the practical applications of the program.

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