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Casio fx-CG50 - Hyperbolic functions of complex numbers
02-29-2020, 09:30 PM (This post was last modified: 02-29-2020 09:31 PM by Dands.)
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RE: Casio fx-CG50 - Hyperbolic functions of complex numbers
(02-29-2020 08:03 PM)Steve Simpkin Wrote:  Unfortunately I don't see a quick shortcut for entering the hyperbolic functions. I have been pressing the normal trig key (sin, cos, tan, etc) then left cursor, F5 (A<->a), h, Alpha (to turn off Alpha lock), right cursor. Not very elegant.

I also don't see a way to force approximate answers without entering the "approx(" first. At least there is a shortcut key for that (S<->D). I suspect since Xcas is typically used to find exact answers, a persistent approximate mode was not seen as important. You could *normally* use the Run-Matrix mode for that. There is also the fact that, due to memory size limitations for Casio apps (2MB), Bernard had to cut back on the features included in KhiCAS. This may also explain why you can't share results outside of the KhiCAS environment. By design, it is like a separate calculator.

KhiCAS has a lot of features! Read the 20 posts in the link I provided and look at the documentation link in Bernard's first post for more information.

That's a great way to do it indeed, just use the shortcut for sin and cos and add an 'h'. I like it.

I also believe that it was not meant to show approximations right away. Parisse stated that "There is no auto-simplification in KhiCAS, except for fractions of integers.".

A feature I'd love to see would be to be able to paste results to the run matrix mode. It seems to be not possible right now.

Thanks again for all your help Steve.
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