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newRPL - Updated to build 1497 [official build remains at 1487]
07-29-2021, 02:55 PM
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RE: newRPL - Updated to build 1487 [ including official build]
(07-28-2021 10:52 PM)spiff72 Wrote:  Sorry again for all the questions...

I have a few key functions I don't understand:
- What does the APPS key do (unshifted)? It seems to make the stack disappear, and pressing again makes it reappear. When the stack is gone, it won't accept entries to the stack.

- For the base rotation you described (using shift hold), do both shift buttons do this, but in opposite directions? I made this assumption for my graphic, but can't figure out how to test this on the simulator (simulate a hold).

From the list I provided earlier of right and left shifted items that are missing from the PrimeG1 layout (compared to the 50g), it looks like only the FINANCE, TIME, ARITH, and CMPLX are unaccounted for. I managed to find ARITH and CMPLX in the menu structure, but can't find TIME or FINANCE. Could those be assigned to the 1, 4, or 7 key as the LS and RS assignments, respectively? The same could be done for ARITH and CMPLX to one of the remaining of that group (if needed).

If you are missing the :-> symbol, maybe that could be the LS for the 0 key, or could replace the RS function for either 5 or 8 (since those are both <<>> currently)?

Finally, I am a bit confused by your comments about the X and Y keys being on menu keys (when outside of alpha). Are you suggesting that those SHOULD appear elsewhere? But if that is the case, wouldn't that apply to R, S, V and W as well? I agree that the unshifted C and D keys are valuable real estate, but I am not sure what would be a good candidate for those locations.

I am attaching an updated version of the graphic file with my best effort at documenting all the keys (including crude shift-hold nomenclature). I couldn't figure out how to generate the down and right arrow for carriage return, so I just used CR for that. I also wasn't sure if the "approx =" (LS Enter) was real or not, so I didn't blank that out yet.

EDIT: Note that I did NOT include any of the suggestions I made above in this graphic.

APPS switches to Form mode, in other words it runs the current Form, or App if you want to use a term these modern kids use :-)
But there's no Forms engine yet, so it just blanks the screen back and forth.

The 6 menu keys are 3 rows, 2 columns: Symb,Plot,Num, Help, View and Menu. It takes a little bit of getting used to this "vertical" menu display. The CAS key switches which menu is active with the hard keys. Unfortunately, we don't have 12 dedicated menu keys like in the 50g, so we had to settle with 6 keys, plus one key to "switch". On the other side, as soon as we get "touch" working, you'll use your preferred menu with hard keys and the other one you can use touch so you don't need to switch back and forth using CAS.

My comment was because the X and Y keys are two of the dedicated menu keys (Symb and Help), so they can only be active in Alpha mode, whereas the X key on the 50g is active all the time as X (and is also X in alpha mode, which is ideal).
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