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Alternative case for the HP-41
08-01-2021, 11:27 PM
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RE: Alternative case for the HP-41
(01-30-2020 07:03 PM)Jurgen Keller Wrote:  
(01-30-2020 12:01 AM)Sylvain Cote Wrote:  When I do not use the card reader, I found that the Spice/Spike cases are perfect for the HP-41C, also, they do not degrade like the original case.

My 41CLs are in the HP-70 case. The zipper goes nearly down to the bottom of the case and you can easily get out the calculator out without scratches.
If you mean the dark brown zipper case with very long zipper, then yes, that case,
which I also found on 45's and 55's , is my favourite case for the HP-41, too.

Of the genuine classic leather cases, the smaller ones are too tight imho.
The calc will fit in, but cannot just be taken out without force.
Maybe the genuine leather cases for the HP-65/67 are easier to use, since they are slightly wider.

As for the original zipper cases for the HP-41:
The first batch, with wide zipper teeth and small, rightangled zipper handle from SCO,
is the one which was shipped with the first years' HP-41C (and maybe early CV's).
Those zipper cases are the ones which generally make trouble related to dissolving inner foam.

Actually even the first batch of zipper cases for the HP-71B has the same problem.

Some time ago I took a bunch of my first batch cases, turned them inside out,
and threw them into the washing machine.
It worked fine, but the action turning them inside out, and then back inside again,
showed additional outside wear not present before that action.
After all, those cases are more than 40 year of age.

However the general solution is to replace the defective zipper with a newer one,
with short or long rounded handle. This may not be possible with 71B cases.

As for the zipper cases for Spice Series calcs:
The ones I had here were all too small for the HP-41.
The 41 will fit, but you have to have to apply too much force just to get the zipper closed.
Prone to damage the zipper and scratch the calc's housing.
There are slight size variations within each case series,
but generally the Spice cases are smaller because the Spices are smaller than an HP-41;-)

For many years, I kept a new HP 200LX, which I picked up in Corvallis,
in an HP zipper case for the HP-67, which was fake-fur padded on the inside.
This is exactly how a back-then worthwhile 200LX had to be stored in my opinion:-)

-- Ray
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