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[VA] New update #011 available in my HP site (11 new files 11)
01-15-2020, 07:04 PM (This post was last modified: 01-22-2020 11:42 PM by Valentin Albillo.)
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[VA] New update #011 available in my HP site (11 new files 11)
Hi all, Happy New Year 2020 !

Once Christmas is over, I'm back to business so I've just uploaded a new update (#011) to my brand-new HP-related site, namely the following 11 files 11 (which you can download for free in PDF or JPG formats):

1. One HP Article

    Believe it or not, no less than 11 years 11 have passed by since I published my latest article, namely Time Voyager Revisited, so it is my pleasure to end the decade-old drought by publishing online right now this very article just below.
  • HP Article VA041 - HP-41C Mate w King Bishop Knight Practice

    • 7-page, 13-diagram article featuring a 285-step RPN program which I wrote in 1980 for the HP-41C and compatibles (will run as-is in the HP-41CV/CX and with trivial or no changes in other compatible models such as the HP42S). The program is intended to help the user practice in order to achieve the difficult basic checkmate of King, Bishop and Knight (controlled by the user) vs. King alone (controlled by the program) within a specified number of moves. The user must try and checkmate the program's King before the allotted moves elapse, while the program does its best to avoid being checkmated.

      A simple, very fast (few seconds per move on a physical calculator) but quite effective positional strategy is implemented, which will frequently succeed in avoiding being checkmated against human players not too experienced with this basic checkmate, and even against vintage computer programs or dedicated machines not having access to the appropriate endgame tablebase.

      It includes full instructions and two worked examples, one of them using no less than world-class chess engine Stockfish 9 (3,300 ELO !!) to conduct the winning pieces against this program).

2. Two HP Pictures
  • HP Picture VA281 - HP28S

    • This is my HP28S open flat, a Saturn-based model, the one and only RPL model I own [...].
  • HP Picture VA289 - HP28S

    • This is the back of my HP28S, a Saturn-based model, the one and only RPL model I own [...]

3. Four HP Selected Threads
  • HP Thread VA003 - HP-65 helped discover Feigenbaum number
  • HP Thread VA004 - Tradeoff dynamic allocation vs More Memory
  • HP Thread VA005 - Trigonometrics in financial applications
  • HP Thread VA006 - Speed

4. Two SHARP Selected Threads
  • SHARP Thread VA003 - OT Sharp PC-1270 interesting non-HP
  • SHARP Thread VA004 - HP and SHARP

... and as always, last but not least ...

5. Two nice FractVal Pictures
  • Misc Picture VA140 - Krakatoa Exploding - VF170106AR            { Krakatoa volcano catastrophically exploding in 1883 }
  • Misc Picture VA259 - Iridescent Sea Life - VF170402BG            { Big iridescent bubbles in the midst of the ocean }

Note: I've also updated to a new version the following six files:

       SHARP Program VA005 - PC-1211 Finding Roots of Equations.pdf
       SHARP Program VA026 - PC-1211 3-point Gaussian Integration.pdf
       SHARP Program VA038 - PC-1211 Multiprecision Factorial.pdf
       SHARP Program VA044 - PC-1211 NxN Matrix Inversion.pdf
       SHARP Program VA046 - PC-1211 Multiprecision E.pdf
       SHARP Program VA071 - PC-1211 Truth Tables Generator.pdf

The changes are minimal but necessary: corrections to the Usage instructions, updated Copyright date and terms, and assorted cosmetic changes for consistency with the rest of the files uploaded after them. The programs themselves and the Examples (and eveything else) remain unchanged.

That's all, enjoy them. Comments welcome.


Edited 2020-01-22 to reflect changed schedule.

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