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Help!Missing Functions
01-01-2020, 02:24 AM
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RE: Help!Missing Functions
(12-31-2019 09:54 PM)markusmartinez1977 Wrote:  So the functions I am trying to find are the HMS-> and ->HMS from my recollection on the HP48gx that I used to own, those were located when pressing the right shift TIME. When I do the orange, left shift TIME, I get the clock and alarm options such as SET, ADJUST, ACK, ACKA, and CAT.

That is correct for the GX, where they changed the menu system around a bit. On the GX, typically left-shift brings up the choose menu for the application, and right-shift takes you to the soft-key menu. On the SX, where choose menus don't exist, you just hit left-shift to get to the menu, and press NXT to get to what you need. The right-shifted application keys often take you to a specific sub-menu for that application that might be commonly used (the alarm catalog, in the case of the time application; I forget where the other ones lead).

And to clarify, the "application" keys on the 48SX have names printed in orange on a slightly darkened rectangle.
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