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Someone is still making slide rules
01-02-2020, 08:27 PM
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RE: Someone is still making slide rules
This brought back memories.

I looked around and found my Concise circular rule.
The one I have is Model 600-ST designed by Sama & Etani and
manufactured by Concise. It was called:

Science Tables
and Circular Slide Rule

It's a small circular rule - the dial is 2.5" diameter.
Came with a slip case and could be carried in a shirt pocket.

The neat thing is that it has cards that could be
inserted into it. The cards have different tables on them.

The Rule has the Periodic Table on the back. Since the rule is
dated 1968, it's missing the newer elements.

I have three inserts:
Insert CE: Tables for Useful Constants, Volume Conversions, Mass,
Force, Area, Decimal Equivalents, Velocity, Gas Constants, Flow Rate,
Pressure, Energy

Insert EE: Tables for Useful Constants, Color Code, Copper Wire,
Unit Conversions, Standard Component Values, Energy, Force,
Velocity, Power, Greek Alphabet, Velocity, Length, Mass, Area,

Insert ST: Mathematical Formulas, Chemical & Physical Data,
Pressure, Gas Constants, Length, Area, Volume, Mass, Force,
Energy, Power, Greek Alphabet, Velocity

Each Insert is two sided, completely filled with great info.
They were great for tests - like having a little crib sheet.

I seem to remember that Companies could contract with Sama &
Etani and have special rules made with corporate logo and the
inserts could have data specific to the company.

Smothville, NJ
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