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Flickering screen (no user interaction)
12-21-2019, 10:19 AM
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RE: Flickering screen (no user interaction)
(12-21-2019 08:06 AM)Stevetuc Wrote:  
(12-18-2019 05:23 AM)TheLastMillennial Wrote:  I also think the flickering is very noticeable. I even mentioned it in my massive review. I thought it was of low refresh rate, but 55hz should be more than enough to not see it with the naked eye. Perhaps something else is going on? I also have a G2 on the latest beta. This has been an issue ever since I got my Prime.

Maybe the issue is aliasing. If the prime has a 55Hz refresh rate and the mains is either 50 or 60 Hz then the alias is the 5Hz difference or beat freq. That would be noticeable ( in artificial light but not sunlight).

It could be, but for this case it’s not related to artificial lightning/aliasing/strobing.

I haven’t seen the hardware, but from the behavior it looks like issues with FRC (Frame Rate Control) which is a technique to overdrive/boost the number of perceivable colors from a TFT screen by basically changing the color a bit each re-draw. That can result in flickering at half the refresh rate (or even lower depending on how it’s done).
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