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Flickering screen (no user interaction)
12-18-2019, 06:17 AM
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RE: Flickering screen (no user interaction)

Any flickering seen on vidéos and on other screens is, unfortunately not a good indicator of reality due to the camera and viewing screens effect super-imposing on the original issue....

Anyhow, I looked again, and I can not see anything wrong on my end :-(, but my eyesight is poor, so I am not a good test subject...
Well, at least I can not see the flicker that you describe. I can definitely see some "buzzing" around the blue "top ribbon", but not on the horizontal divider lines...

I really wonder what might be wrong... Is it a systemic issue, due, for example, to the dithering algo used by the LCD chip?
or something particular to your calculators (like LCD on the tail end of specs)?


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