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Flickering screen (no user interaction)
12-18-2019, 12:15 AM
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RE: Flickering screen (no user interaction)
Hi Cyrille!

Thanks for trying to help!

Yeah, I've tried out in sunlight (and in a dark room), but the flickering remains there.
So it doesn't seem to be related to stroboscope effect of artificial lightning.

It's a G2 calc, with the latest revision:
Application: 20181016 v14181
Operating System: V2.060.650

I noticed that the flickering also depends on the viewing angle (the viewing angle will change the perceived color saturation of the lines). If I tilt the calculator forward, then the horizontal lines in "Home" appear black and the flickering is not visible.

I realized it's actually possible to record the flickering using my iPhone X, you can actually clearly see the phenomenon in the video. The bottom horizontal line (which is black) is not flickering, but you can clearly see how the other horizontal lines are flickering. Or is it just me who can see it? Maybe I'm going crazy! Smile

(I tried to attach the Video to this message but the site says that this type of attachment is not allowed (.MOV). I've put it on Google Drive instead:
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