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Flickering screen (no user interaction)
12-14-2019, 01:44 PM
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RE: Flickering screen (no user interaction)

Thanks for the articles and tips!

I looked at those posts in detail, but the issues appear to be different:

1. issues with flicker when interacting with the screen (scrolling, etc). As someone pointed out, that’s probably related to the software not using double buffering for the graphics.

2. Issues with random flicker - lines appearing here and there over the screen. This is also different from the issue I’m facing. I have no issues here.

3. The problem I’m facing is with a static screen (no interaction or animation). The flickering is dependent on the color of the line, and mostly visible when it’s a long horizontal line. I ran the self test, but since the test patterns have fully saturated colors the phenomenon doesn’t occur. It’s almost like the calculator is using poorly implemented PWM to reduce the color saturation - but that doesn’t make sense from what I know about TFT screens.
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