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Matrix Rotation of elements - Algorithms
12-17-2019, 02:22 PM
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RE: Matrix Rotation of elements - Algorithms
My first idea was that it requires something "matrix-to-list" stuff and the lists can be more flexible manipulate. (I totally agree: for matrices the BASIC is better Tongue)

The second was, how the HP 15C reorganize the elements, when I change the dimension of the matrices?!?

The third was I need only a "row-extractor" and I will use it to copy one row into list, than I transpose the matrix and again extract and transpose and extract... Or something similar, and of course I must to put back the rotated list elements with the same way: put-transpose-put-transpose...

The fourth was: this is something "walking-inside-a-spirale-labirynth": I started in the center and if I found a wall, I turn left (or right) and again until I found the last element. If I copy the values into a list during my way, I can transform my matrix into a list.

This is a good exercise, I will workin' on it - after this Friday...

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