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A calculator designed for cheating at tests
12-12-2019, 01:06 PM
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RE: A calculator designed for cheating at tests
(12-10-2019 01:37 AM)toml_12953 Wrote:  
(12-10-2019 12:50 AM)Bill (Smithville NJ) Wrote:  I think I would prefer their Cheating Watch (made by the same company):

Cheating Watch
This is why I always gave my students open book, open note, open smartphone exams. In the real world, results are the key. You are free to use all kinds of resources as long as you get the correct result. Of course I designed the questions so that the students couldn't just Google the answer. The solution always required thinking on the part of the student.

I bet your students do a better job when they get hired. On the job, you use whatever resources you can to get the job done. I would rather hire someone who knows how to look things up and knows how to calculate things using the best available calculator than someone who is good at memorizing canned answers.
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