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Can you calculate Pi using a Solver?
01-11-2020, 12:21 AM
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RE: Can you calculate Pi using a Solver?
(01-10-2020 05:25 PM)Namir Wrote:  Using the series developed by the Chudnovsky formula published in 1987, I can calculate pi to 14 digits using just ONE TERM!: [...]
pi = 640320^1.5/(12*13591409)


Your expression includes 640320, 1.5, 12 and 13591409, which means you're using 18 digits to get just 14 digits of Pi.

That's highly inefficient: using 18 digits to output 14 digits => 18-14 = -4 digits "gained" (lost, more like).

Far better woould be:

          3*Ln(640320)/√163 = 3,1415926535897930+

which gives 17 digits (save 2 ulps) while using just 10 digits, i.e., 17-10 = +7 digits gained.

Besides, nothing of this has anything to do with getting Pi using a Solver, as the OP requested.


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