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Is this a long shot?
05-26-2014, 07:08 PM
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RE: Is this a long shot?
(05-26-2014 05:32 PM)Onur ILKORUR Wrote:  Hi,

After a long wait, I finally received my 82169A HP-IL to HP-IB Interface. I was looking forward to this interface because I've lately found a HP 9121D Dual Floppy Drive with HP-IB interface and wondering if I could be able to save my programs on a floppy disk rather than those hard-to-find cassettes.

I've connected my HP-IL module to my 41C series calculator and used the 82169A as the only HP-IL device in the loop. At the HP-IB side, the 9121D was the only HP-IB device.

As my first task, I wanted to format a floppy using NEWM command, not knowing whether or not it was the right one. I issued MANIO command and selected the 82169A. I typed in NEWM command and the address of the 9121D, and nothing happened. The calculator did not return any messages like Transmit Error or anything else. I have experimented with different addresses and different combinations of booting things up, however, I came to a point which I believed that I have exhausted all my options.

I am sure I am missing some obvious steps with excitement and I hope somebody can at least give me a correct direction vector to follow?

Thanks in advance,
Sorry but that is not going to work, the 9121D only understands amigo protocol and the 41 has no support for that, neither does the 71B or 75s. The only machines that support this protocol, aside from the amigo system, are desktops like the 80 series and 9845.
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