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Is this a long shot?
05-26-2014, 05:32 PM (This post was last modified: 05-26-2014 05:34 PM by Onur ILKORUR.)
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Is this a long shot?

After a long wait, I finally received my 82169A HP-IL to HP-IB Interface. I was looking forward to this interface because I've lately found a HP 9121D Dual Floppy Drive with HP-IB interface and wondering if I could be able to save my programs on a floppy disk rather than those hard-to-find cassettes.

I've connected my HP-IL module to my 41C series calculator and used the 82169A as the only HP-IL device in the loop. At the HP-IB side, the 9121D was the only HP-IB device.

As my first task, I wanted to format a floppy using NEWM command, not knowing whether or not it was the right one. I issued MANIO command and selected the 82169A. I typed in NEWM command and the address of the 9121D, and nothing happened. The calculator did not return any messages like Transmit Error or anything else. I have experimented with different addresses and different combinations of booting things up, however, I came to a point which I believed that I have exhausted all my options.

I am sure I am missing some obvious steps with excitement and I hope somebody can at least give me a correct direction vector to follow?

Thanks in advance,
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